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Assessing macro Business strategies using SMARTmodel

A case study showing how SMARTmodel can assess the long term financial impact of changing issue frequency, book size, and marketing channels. (download)

ROI Planner for optimizing source profitability

The ROI Source Planner in SMARTmodel helps determine your most profitable sources in your marketing mix. (download)

Using Clasifiers for List Segmentation

DARTexpert can be quite accurate in forecasting future list response performance using the list group ranking module. Segmenting media groups into sub groups with like characteristics using our classifier methodology enhances accuracy. (download)

How Dartexpert optimizes media selections

DARTexpert's unique Planning Optimizer specifies list groups and quantities according to project performance goals. (download)

Multi-channel analysis using DARTexpert

Catalogers use DARTexpert to evaluate and maximize results across multiple marketing channels. (download)