Ladd Products Work for Your Business

We help subscription business circulators, financial planners, direct marketers and digital product vendors be their best by providing systems that adapt to and grow with your business. Be more productive, make better decisions and be more profitable every day: save time planning, gain valuable insights and take action. Learn more about our products and why many of the top businesses are using Ladd systems today.


Circulation Planning Tool For Publishers

SMARTmodel is a complete circulation and financial planning system for budgeting and modeling your print and/or digital publications, newsletters, or any subscription/member-driven business.

  • Budget, plan, and project all business source revenue and cost centers.
  • Develop multi-year strategic plans AND "what if" scenarios.
  • Save time with automatic fulfillment feeds (including renewals and payup).
  • Customize your own or use our built-in standard reports.
  • Perform source evaluation and optimization with our ROI Plan Analyzer.
  • Model unlimited sources, frequencies, and years.


Planning for Direct Marketers

DARTexpert is a direct response marketing planning system for analyzing (and optimizing) ALL of your marketing channel activities including: traditional direct mail, email campaigns, insert cards, banner ads, keyword searches, newsletters, PPC results and more.  

  • Maintain all promotion history in an expandable database with unlimited source records.
  • Manage your data with our intuitive user interface.
  • Load and update results automatically from fulfillment data feeds.
  • Perform complex response analysis and accurately forecast future results.
  • Optimize segments and rank groups by expected future results.
  • Generate powerful reports for analysis, presentation, and action.


Digital Subscription Reporting and Analysis

Etally automates the loading of your digital newsstand vendor sales reports (such as Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google and Zinio) into a consolidated, powerful database; performs both high-level and detailed analyses across all digital sales sources; and feeds back into your model.

  • Load digital sales data with one click of the mouse.
  • Standardize transactions by correct product and edition sold, as well as start, new vs. renewal, term, and more.
  • Customize your own reports or use our built-in standard reports.
  • Export sales directly into your circulation model for seamless reporting.