System Training and Tech Support

Clients become proficient users of our systems through training seminars and sessions individually designed for each client application. Additionally, we provide on-going tech support to users who have been trained in the use of our systems. Other resources include:

  1. Built-in, searchable help pages that contain answers to many commonly asked installation and usage questions.
  2. Many clients send us e-mail requests for information or support.
  3. We can be reached via telephone during normal business hours. (we have offices on both coasts). Contact us.

Data Conversion and Enhancement for DARTexpert

We offer data conversion and data enhancement services to help get you up and running on DARTexpert as efficiently as possible. Usually, we follow these steps:

Step 1: Convert your list history database (usually the past 2-3 years) to the DARTexpert format.

Step 2: Edit list information, and add market classifiers.

Step 3: Configure your DARTexpert database as necessary for your unique naming conventions and special calculations.

Step 4: Generate report package and new campaign planning portfolio.

Building a SMARTmodel Budget and Plan

We build base multi-year planning budgets including circulation, advertising and ancillary income streams along with associated cost centers.

Loading services for Etally

We offer data loading services to help you keep your Etally digital vendor sales database up to date.  Here are a few of the steps we can help with on a monthly basis:

Step 1: Download reports from your digital vendors (Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, Zinio (and others as they become prominent … such as Kobo.)

Step 2: Load the reports into the Etally system.

Step 3: As required, run monthly client sales reports.

Step 4: If required, export summarized results to be used to update client circulation models.

Learn more about our professional consulting services.


We offer on-site and in-house training sessions for our products. Although we do have a standard training agenda, we most often customize courses to each client's specific needs.

Software Support Services

In support of our software systems, we provide a wide-range of services that not only enhance your use of SMARTmodelDARTexpert, and Etally, but can help you with a myriad of publishing, subscription, and direct marketing projects:

  • Financial model building using SMARTmodel
  • Direct marketing data conversion and enhancement
  • System training sessions and seminars
  • Direct marketing planning services using DARTexpert
  • Data loading services for Etally 
  • On-going software system enhancement and support