What Our Clients Are Saying

I have used DARTexpert for roughly 20 years for, at times, 150+ plans a year. Additionally we house data-only on over 100 other titles. Ease and speed of updating results and the ability to build and control trends and weighting create a clean, comprehensive and intelligent basis for planning that kept us on Ladd Associates’ roster for many years. Collectively having all the “pieces of the pie” together in one place has allowed us to spend our time utilizing the data appropriately and making more informed decisions, not looking for the data and trying to tie it together for planning. We haven’t shuffled papers for years!
— Kelly Byam, Business Analyst, Infogroup

The DART database revolutionized the way we plan, execute and analyze our direct mail, insert card, and package insert card campaigns...DART does all the number crunching for us. It is easy to run multiple scenarios for a promotion - maximizing orders or maximizing revenue or staying within a particular budget...DART has eliminated the user error that used to occur when we were using multiple spreadsheets.
— Kristie Fischer, Circ. Ops Manager, Kalmbach Publishing Co.

The need to have a system that could manage prospecting results from multiple clients - arriving in varying formats - was critical...I found that DART could do just about anything that I asked it to...When it came time for prospecting analysis, there was no better tool than DART - I could not imagine working through that much data in Excel...the power that DART brings to the mail planning part of my job is unsurpassed.
— Leslie Pulford, SVP/General Manager, LDS Group Inc.

Here at Briefings Media Group, we have relied on SMARTmodel since 2004 as the backbone of our newsletter budgeting and forecasting process. Whenever we are considering our strategic options - from pricing changes to subscription acquisition plans - we turn to SMARTmodel, and it makes clear how each scenario will play out. Its power, flexibility and common-sense interface make it an indispensable tool.
— Frank Finn, Executive VP / COO, Briefings Media Group

Kalmbach has just cycled through a budget season and having the models updated using the automatic feed proved invaluable. We figure we saved approximately 10 hours per title – 150 man hours. The models are also more accurate in the earned income per copy by source. And the auto load feature for credit has improved the accuracy of credit payup.
— Kristie Fischer, Circulation Operations Manager, Kalmbach Publishing Co.

The automatic feed feature has been a serious time saver for us. With muitiple magazines and multiple scenarios, hours of monthly maintenance time has been reduced to just minutes. And the peace of mind resulting from the improved accuracy has been great. We no longer need to worry that an errant keystroke in the Price/Term table will come back and haunt us, a couple of months down the line.
— Dave Pond, Manager, Sales & Marketing, The Taunton Press, Inc.

Circulation reporting on digital publications is a challenge because each outside digital vendor uses a different naming convention and reporting tool. Etally saves us from the headaches that come with the time-consuming and tedious work of manual data entry of information from each digital vendor. Etally takes all of the reporting from outside digital vendors and standardizes them into one format in one database. The upload process is very easy!
— Liz Runyon, Marketing Operations Manager, Kalmbach Publishing Co.

The reports generated from Etally allow us to look at each part of the digital business– single copy sales, annual subscription sales and recurring billing sales. It also includes renewal rates and gross and net revenue. A data-feed can then be generated from Etally to load our circulation models, which can translate the orders/cash information from the digital vendor sales into copies served / earned income for us.
— Liz Runyon, Marketing Operations Manager, Kalmbach Publishing Co.