Etally is an automation and analysis tool for any business that sells its “subscription” products on the various digital Newsstands hosted by vendors such as Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google and Zinio.

Etally Can...

  • Load monthly sales results from a variety of digital vendors

  • Standardize transactions by correct product sold and start period

  • Report on standardized results across titles, sales channel, transaction type and start / sales period.

  • Export summarized results for use in circulation models and other database systems.

Every month publishers of digital content spend days wading through myriads of inconsistent reports provided by your digital vendors. Etally takes a process from frustrating days and turns it into a manageable fraction of an hour. And after Etally is done loading and standardizing your monthly sales, reporting on what is happening, it can easily slice and dice these transactions and turn them into the meaningful information necessary to make business decisions.


The Etally automation and analysis can be applied to any business selling "on-off" subscription-like digital products through digital vendors including:

  • Magazine publishers

  • Newsletter publishers

  • Mobile App vendors

  • Continuity product campaigns and clubs

  • Digital content providers

Why Etally?

  • One-Click reporting saves you time – Now it’s easier than ever to load digital sales data with one click of the mouse from Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google, Zinio. This information is at the transaction level; Etally also supports a generic feed format allowing you to load in not already captured digital edition sales data (from your website or other not-yet supported digital vendors.)

  • Standardized reports allow you to see your results quickly - Determine sales trends and promotion performance by production month, accounting month, start issue, sales channel, term, new vs. renewal, sub vs. single copy, trial conversion and renewal rates, and more.

  • Export sales directly into your circulation model for seamless reporting - Feeds can be done at both the title level (whereby you will have sources for each channel), as well as consolidated (whereby you would have sources for each title.) Use your circulation model to account for digital sales either on a production or accrual basis.

  • Priced fairly … it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg just to account for your digital business.

Detailed Features

Automated Data Import, Standardization and Cleanup

  • Built-in templates for Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google and Zinio digital sales and transaction reports.

  • Standardized template that allows sales results to be loaded in from any other source.

  • Cleans up and standardizes product names, transaction types and identifies start month / issue.

Transaction and Summary Reporting

  • Report either at transaction or summary levels

  • Powerful report formats for analysis, presentation and action

  • Multiple list ranking hierarchy

  • Unlimited segmentation analysis

  • Etally reports can be automatically e-mailed and/or saved in Excel format

Exporting to Models

  • Export monthly digital sales production in industry standard formats

  • Feeds produced on a per-product basis for either digital-only or single product models, as well as across all products for multi-product models.

Database Engine

  • Stores unlimited source records by campaign in one comprehensive easily-accessible database.

  • Holds over 300 data items per source record including 12 market classifiers

  • Computes response and profit indices for relative performance analysis

  • Easily configured to fit your unique naming conventions and calculations

  • Product databases can be synchronized for use in remote locations

  • Multi-user/network ready

Etally System Requirements

Processor: 1GHz+ Pentium IV, 1GB RAM

CD-ROM Drive: Initial Install and Updates

Hard Disk: 100 MB - 1GB Free Storage (database size dependent)

Monitor: 17" or larger Windows Compatible (800 x 600 Resolution)

Printer: Any Windows Compatible Printer

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Etally can also be accessed on the Web using Citrix and Windows Terminal servers

Other Questions?


To learn more about how Etally can help you manage your digital sales reporting needs, call 603-448-0448 or email info@laddassociates.com.