DARTexpert is the industry recognized software system for analyzing and planning direct response marketing programs. It is the essential planning tool for all direct marketers who are responsible for marketing results, whether you are working on traditional direct mail or other channels - email, keyword searches, PPC, and banner ads.

Briefly, DARTexpert is a PC/Web based system that stores results from all your marketing channel activities in one easily accessible database, quickly performs complex analytics, accurately forecasts future results, optimizes list/media selections, and prioritizes your promotion spending to produce the marketing response that best meets your promotion goals.


Promotion History

Provides a powerful database engine for storing all your direct marketing results by product, channel, campaign and promotion code. Response data can be directly loaded from your order fulfillment sources.

Comprehensive and Flexible Analysis

Lets you configure and standardize reporting across campaigns, products, marketing channels, P&L metrics, ROI and staff changes. Track lifetime value across five marketing cycles.

Comparative Analysis

Enables you to identify your most responsive and profitable list/media sources, best creative efforts, pricing and offers.

Source Ranking

Uses unique "expert decision rules" to rank list groups and market segments by expected future performance...and automatically creates a master list portfolio for your next campaign.

Optimize Campaign Selections

Selects best lists and allocates name volumes for achieving your promotion goals. And maximizes your marketing budget by prioritizing and allocating promotion dollars.

Promotion Management

Generates media schedules, list orders, marketing channel allocations, budgets, and test panel allocations reports. From the beginning of your campaign planning through to the end result, DARTexpert provides the critical tools you need to do your job every step of the way.

Detailed Features

Database Engine

  • Stores unlimited source records by campaign in one comprehensive easily-accessible database.

  • Holds over 300 data items per source record including 12 market classifiers

  • Calculates profits on unloaded, loaded, and fully loaded basis

  • Tracks lifetime value through five marketing cycles

  • Computes response and profit indices for relative performance analysis

  • Easily configured to fit your unique naming conventions and calculations

  • Product databases can be synchronized for use in remote locations

  • Multi-user/network ready


Automated Data Import/Export

  • Master tables for consistent naming of lists and market classifiers

  • Automated data import directly from order entry sources and export to spreadsheet formats

  • Spreadsheet-like data editing, with added features including data preferences, constants and factoring

  • Global entry for database wide editing


Management Reporting

  • Powerful report format for analysis, presentation and action

  • Multiple list ranking hierarchy

  • Unlimited segmentation analysis

  • Statistical test panel analysis

  • DARTexpert reports can be automatically e-mailed and/or saved in Excel format


Powerful Planning Tool

  • Uses decision rules to rank lists according to expected performance in future promotions

  • Optimizes list selection and mail volumes according to promotion responses and profit goals

  • Specifies test panel allocations

  • Generates mailing schedules, budgets, and list management reports

  • Provides efficient e-mail communication links between mailer and broker


DARTexpert System Requirements

Processor: 1GHz+ Pentium IV, 1GB RAM

CD-ROM Drive: Initial Install and Updates

Hard Disk: 100 MB Free Storage (database size dependent)

Monitor: 17" or larger Windows Compatible (800 x 600 Resolution)

Printer: Any Windows Compatible Printer

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

DARTexpert can also be accessed on the Web using Citrix and Windows Terminal servers

Other Questions?


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