DARTexpert Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can DARTexpert can be used for analyzing and planning programs through multiple marketing channels?

A: Yes. DARTexpert's powerful database engine of can be easily configured to track and plan promotion efforts for all direct marketing channels including direct mail, internet, and all programs where response can be identified by marketing group.

Q: How is response data uploaded into DARTexpert?

A: Data can be loaded into DARTexpert directly from spreadsheets and/or fulfillment sources using ODBC files. Report results can be directly exported to spreadsheet formats.

Q: Can my DARTexpert database be synchronized with my list broker's DARTexpert database?

A: Yes. Many clients rely on their brokers to update the system with latest universe counts and list costs and provide list recommendations while running reports and planning new campaigns.

Q: How does DARTexpert rank lists and optimize list selections for future promotions? How does it work?

A: DARTexpert looks at a variety of factors when ranking lists for future promotions. First, campaign time weights are applied to account for recency, seasonality, offer and other marketing factors unique to your program. Next, DARTexpert uses these weights along with its proprietary statistical program to rank promotion groups according to expected future performance. The result is a basic list portfolio for your next promotion. After new costs, name counts and other information are added DARTexpert optimizes the final list selection according to your promotion goals.

Q: How often are new software releases and updates issued? Is there a fee for this service?

A: Generally, minor updates are issued every six to twelve months. Updates are posted on our website for downloading by all licensed users. Every year or so, we release a major upgrade to our system. These upgrades, along with revised documentation, are shipped to all licensed users at no charge.

Q: What platforms does DARTexpert support?

A: DARTexpert is a PC-based and network ready system that can also be accessed via the Web using Citrix™ and Windows™ Terminal Servers.

Q: What does DARTexpert cost?

A: The system is licensed to clients for annual fees that are determined by the number of databases, user seats, average annual mail volumes, and commitment term. Annual license fees range from $4800 to $48000. Included in these fees are system updates, enhancements, and technical support. Database conversion, system training, and planning services are provided on an as needed fee basis. 

DARTexpert can save valuable planning time, standardize response analysis over many products and report periods, and optimize media selection for enhanced profitability.

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