Etally Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Etally be used to load and standardize sales from other vendors (not Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google and Zinio)?

A: Yes. In addition to templates created for the vendors noted above, Etally also supports a generic format which allows you to load in data from any source.

Q: Can Etally be used with old vendor reports?

A: As long as you still have the reports, they can still be loaded. Some have changed format or added information over time, but the base sales data can still be loaded.

Q: How long does it take to load and standardize a vendor report in Etally?

A: The two step process is simple and quick … Step 1 is to download the report from the digital vendor.  (This takes in the order of 1-2 minutes.)  Step 2 is to load that report into Etally. As you can imagine, this is somewhat dependent on how many transactions need to be parsed, but our rule of thumb is we can process / standardize and save 20,000 transactions per minute.  Yes, that’s correct, 20,000 transactions PER MINUTE. So, depending on how many reports need to be processed, you are likely looking at somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes to get all of your monthly digital sales standardized and ready for reporting.

Q: Who loads the sales reports into Etally?

A: Etally runs on your business computers. This means you will have two choices when it comes to loading your digital sales reports. Option 1 is for you to do it … as noted above, this requires less than an hour each month. Option 2 is for us at Ladd Associates to do it for you. You would send over your database, and we would download and process the monthly reports for you. We charge a fee based on the number of products being sold, and the average number of transactions per month.

Q: How much does Etally cost?

A: Pricing ranges and is based on three factors … first, the number of products you will be tracking in the system … second, the number of channels you will be tracking with the system … and third, the number of transactions you will be processing each month. Annual license fees range from $2400-$18000. Included in these fees are system updates, enhancements, and technical support.

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